I’m Olivia and I’m the photographer behind Never Forget Photography.


I have been lucky enough to have had this joyful, fulfilling and creative job for just over 5 years. In that time I have met and photographed around 500 babies and children which has been an amazing experience, having the privilege to meet so many wonderful families during this time.


I have always been drawn to photographs and the meaning that they give to those who look back on them, often with fond memories filled with love. 


As a child and even now, I can spend endless hours looking through family photo albums from holidays, family gatherings and parties at home. Each photo bringing back a cherished memory, whether that was seeing the  adventures of my fresh faced parents living abroad or older sisters’ photographed on their first day of school or Christmas’ spent together with my Grandparents. 


In my own home I have albums filled with our holidays as a couple, home renovations, evenings with friends and playing with my nieces and nephews. It gives me so much pleasure to sit and glance through all that has happened in life and each memory becomes fixed to those images.


Having quality and unique photographs of your children and family is something I want all parents to experience and have in their home. The early days of a child being welcomed into a family are priceless and go by far too quickly, capturing a snapshot of that can be so important in the years to come.


I strive to ensure that I create beautiful memories as well as images that the whole family can enjoy and share.